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Tom Adamov - senior coordinator of Prague Beauty Ltd. - Clinic of a Plastic Surgery, Obesity Treatment in Prague

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if you are looking for a cheaper treatment abroad, our company is here to provide you with an option which is cut out for you.
If it is Plastic surgery or Obesity treatment we offer you either basic price plan or full package care.

Prague Beauty - Plastic Surgery Clinic Regardless of an option, we guarantee quality care, certified and experienced professionals, and treatment according to international standards.

Tom Adamov, senior coordinator of Prague Beauty
Plastic Surgery and Obesity Treatment in Prague.

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5 stars
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5 stars
Gastric Sleeve Resection

Exceedingly well organised. Well looked after

Lets face it, you are going abroad for surgery... its terrifying.. how do you know you can trust these strangers? how do you know its not an organ harvesting scam?! I had all these thoughts too...... all put to rest. Every single dealing with this company has been easy and efficient. Ill admit im not an easy patient, but Tom was amazing, and even when i was texting him with unreasonable demands from the hospital, he answered promptly. The whole thing was a hassle free process, from being picked up outside the airport, I didnt have to worry about a thing.... need some adaptors? Tom has them.... ! The hospital staff were hard working and friendly. Dr Vrany and Dita were exceptional. ill admit the surgery and hospital stay were not pleasant, surgery never is... but i was looked after well. Then once again, the moment you are back in Tom's care, the apartment? Stunning. So comfortable, and every thing you could ever need already there, including toiletries, and a seat in the shower!! No problems at all, lovely people, as nice an experience as possible considering the circumstances. NO hesitation in recommending this company.
5 stars
Candice Martin
Gastric Sleeve Resection

So Pleased I did my procedure with PRAGUE BEAUTY

From the start, I felt confident that I would be taken care of and my procedure would be successful. I was right! Tom dealt with all the emails and calls to me and explained everything. I was picked up from airport and taken around for tests by Tom, who organised everything in advance. The hospital was clean and staff and doctors were friendly and very professional. I stayed for 6 days and the after care was fantastic, the room I stayed in had WiFi, I was then taken to the apartment near the hospital. I stayed for 1 day before flying off back home. The doctors gave me hospital notes and instructions to follow after my Gastric Sleeve. I have had no problems with my sleeve and have lost over 4 stone in the past 5 months. I will definitely be going back with Tom and Prague Beauty for my skin removal if needed because I have made a friend for life and I feel 100% sure that the standard I will receive will be the same as I received back in July 2016. Don't hesitate to book your procedure, fantastic prices! Friendly staff! Clean facilities! professional approach! What more could you ask for?
5 stars
J. lennox
Gastric Sleeve Resection

Excellent service

Prauge Beauty, My wife went to Prauge in October last year for a gastric sleeve resection. From the first call to Thomas Adamov ( her coordinator) to the follow upcalls on hrer return the service.was second to none. We recommended a friend who went three weeks later and had.the.same surgery and her experience was the same, she couldn't fault it I'm heading out to Prauge with Prauge Beauty in February and looking forward to it.
5 stars
Sabina Cioloca
Gastric Sleeve Resection

Everything as advertised

I had the surgery on 5th of August and even though I was a bit nervous, the procedure was quick and pain free. I felt really good after the surgery and luckily I had no complications. 4 months and a half after ( 5.3 stones slimmer ), I feel great and very happy with my choice. Everything was very smoothly dealt with. From buying the flight tickets, to booking the hotel and being looked after(and your partner/company) during the entire stay. It's very convenient when you don't have to worry about anything. Everyone (Tom and medical staff) is very professional and to be honest they exceeded the expectations. I would recommend Prague Beauty to anyone without hesitating. A huge thank you for a great service!!!
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The New Centre of Excellence for Prague Beauty clients was opened

Plastic surgery abroad - we are pleased to announce that a new clinic for Prague Beauty clients was opened. This is the newest and most modern centre providing plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the Czech Republic. As one of the best equipped health centres in Central Europe, we provide up-to-date medical equipment, full post-op monitoring to all clients, intensive care unit back-up, and other specialist background incl. laboratories.

The Perfect Clinic is an architecturally sophisticated hospital with two operation theatres and comfortable air-conditioned en-suite one or double-bed rooms fulfilling all requirements for comfort, safety, and cleanness.

Our main surgeons, Dr Roman Kufa and Dr Zdenek Pros, are two of the most popular surgeons in this country. Both are fully qualified and highly experienced, working previously in the UK (Harley Medical Group), Switzerland, and Germany. Nursing staff are well trained, speak English and German, with registered Continuous Medical Education (CME) and regular Advanced Life Support (ALS) training. Anaesthetics team on site is passionate to make your whole experience pleasant and comfortable with using recent pain-relieve knowledge and technology.

We have always tried to do our best for you, our clients, and the new clinic is another step on this way in achieving this. We look forward to meeting you in Prague.

Rules of Safe Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Good surgeon

  • Must be registered in the professional body of his country (ie Society of plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery) and be able and willing to provide his specialist registration.
  • Must be able and willing to provide certificates of continuous medical education (CME), works not only in small private clinic but also in a teaching hospital to learn new methods.
  • Must be able and willing to provide references of previous clients.
  • Is usually not the cheapest one
  • His waiting list is usually longer than 4 weeks

Good clinic

  • Is usually NOT based on one surgeon and you should know your surgeon's name in advance
  • Clinic which is big enough to have medical background, ie comprise other specialties to be able to sort out less common complications.
  • Monitoring, monitoring, monitoring! Full vital functions monitoring must be provided not only during the operation but also afterwards since lethal complications are most often in the first 2 hrs after general anaesthetics! Ask what they monitor (ECG, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation are the must) and how long for!
  • Pays attention to possible critical situations. Do they have Recovery/High dependency/ or Intensive care beds and equipment? Do they do regular Basic/Advanced Life Support training?
  • Performs infection surveillance.
  • Are clean and spotless, having good references from previous clients.

Good company

  • Provides written contracts with the list of services included.
  • Gives a guarantee (6 months at least) and free aftercare.
  • Provides references of previous clients.
  • Has not only a phone number and email address but also mailing address!

What Prague Beauty offer you?

Excellent surgeons

  • All our surgeons are the top ones in the Czech Republic. They have full specialist's registration and long experience.
  • They work in teaching hospitals.
  • They have international experience and many foreign clients from all over the world.
  • Their waiting list is longer than 6 months, you can be only booked sooner via pre-booked places thanks to Prague Beauty.

Our clinic

  • Perfect Clinic is the most modern and the biggest plastic clinic in the Central Europe.
  • Full post-operative monitoring for several hours after the operation is the standard.
  • Recovery and intensive care beds are a part of the operating tract.
  • There are other departments like general surgery, internal, cardiology, biochemistry, etc.

Our company will provide you with:

  • References of our previous clients.
  • Written contract with named services.
  • One year guarantee of free after care all inclusive.
  • Discount on the next operation.
You are welcome to call us
8 am - 9 pm every day
on our London number

within the UK:
020 3598 2896
from abroad:
+44 20 3598 2896
  • Package prices are all inclusive!
    • air tickets
    • insurance
    • accommodation
    • transportation
Cosmetic Treatment Basic Price Package Price
Breast Augmentation £2,880 £3,730
Tummy Tuck £2,770 £3,620
Blepharoplasty, Upper £850 £1,500
Middle Liposuction £2,290 £3,140
Face Lift £2,870 £3,720
Obesity Treatment Basic Price Package Price
Gastric Plication £4,450 £4,650
Gastric Sleeve Resection £4,750 £4,950
Gastric Bypass £5,850 £6,050
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As one of the best equipped health centres in Central Europe, we provide up-to-date medical equipment, full post-op monitoring to all clients, intensive care unit back-up, and other specialist background incl. laboratories.

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The state hospital in Jablonec nad Nisou is a modern building, situated about 60 miles from Prague.

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Patients for cosmetic procedures are after arrival accommodated in a luxurious 4-star apartment ...

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