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Tom Adamov - senior coordinator of Prague Beauty - bariatric and cosmetic surgery in Prague

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if you are looking for a bariatric or cosmetic surgery in Prague we offer you either basic price plan or full package.

Prague Beauty - Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery in Prague Regardless of an option, we guarantee quality care, certified and experienced professionals, and treatment according to international standards.

Tom Adamov, senior coordinator of Prague Beauty
Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery in Prague.

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5 stars

5 stars
Mini Gastric Bypass

Mini Gastric Bypass

I had a mini gastric bypass one week ago. I was extremely anxious about travelling abroad for the procedure however it was the only way I could afford to have the surgery. In the UK the price for a mini gastric bypass was DOUBLE. For "half the price" I definitely did not receive half the standard. The service was smooth, effective and I had no complications or problems. The whole trip was pre-organised. All I had to do was pay the deposit and Tom sorted everything else for me and who was travelling with me including flights/transfers/insurance etc. I was extremely overwhelmed with the standard of care and how well organised the trip was. Tom is not only an excellent coordinator but an extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring man. He completely looked after me and my friends and family during my stay. He went out of his way to make the trip stress free for my friends/family and in turn me. This is something that money cannot buy. The hospital itself was clean, thorough and the staff were friendly. In the hospital, I had a private room, en-suite, wifi, TV and very flexible visiting hours. My friends and family were able to visit anytime from 8am-11pm with no complaints from the staff. The day of my surgery however I spent the first day in ICU (routine) so my friends were only able to visit for a short period. Tom arranged this visit and took them to and from the hospital. Dr Vranny contacted Tom after the operation so that friends were informed that the surgery went well. Dr Vranny was a lovely man, he came to see me before my surgery and every day until I was discharged. He was very friendly and made me feel at ease. I felt confident in his very experienced hands. I was discharged from the hospital 3 days after my operation. Tom collected me and brought me to the apartment for the rest of my trip. The apartment was very modern and stocked with everything I needed for my post op diet including liquids, protein shakes, soups, broth etc. The apartment had a balcony and a beautiful view, wifi and a big TV. My stay was very comfortable and I had everything I needed and more. So happy that I choose Prague Beauty for my procedure. I am very satisfied with the service and would highly recommend Prague Beauty to anyone considering travelling for weight loss surgery.
5 stars
Vertical Sleeve Gastrecomy

Best decision I have ever made

I'm 27 years old. I had VSG in January 2019 with beauty in Prague. I am not almost 8 months out and have lost 6 and a half stone. It's still coming off and I still maybe have 2 stone to go to get to my overall goal!Best decision I have ever made. Could not fault a single part of the process with prague beauty. Tom is amazing and the hospital staff and Dr Vranny are amazing. My only advice is bring something to keep you entertained in the apartment as there is not much around si can be boring. Also take your own drinks, protein shakes and soups/ broths the ones in the apartment were really gross! Like I say best decision I have ever made. I still have to be conscious to eat healthy because you can eat whatever but just small amounts so need to make sure your body is getting all the good stuff. I see my UK gp for blood tests and dietician appointments to support my progress and he says imagine your body is poorly, give it the recommended dose of medicine (healthy and correct portion sizes of food). The process isnt easy in the beginning but is totally worth it and isnt a long recovery at all!
5 stars
Nadine King

Five star service

Five star service. I telephoned Tom the coordinator and he arranged everything from start to finish. When I arrived in Prague airport, Tom was waiting for me and drove me to a beautiful apartment. The next day I had my surgery and stayed in the clinic for 2 days. The staff were very kind and my surgeon Dr Pros was excellent. I am very pleased with me results and the whole experience was smooth, relaxed and anazing. Thank you Tom for all your support im so happy with my surgery results.
5 stars
Helen Brannigan
Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

I cannot recommend Prague Beauty…

I cannot recommend Prague Beauty enough. From the minute I decided to trust them, they treated me as if I was their sole focus. Any questions I asked prior to my procedure were answered promptly and there was never any hassle. I was met at the airport by the lovely Tom who took me to the hotel and picked me up the next morning. My pre op was hassle free and then I was taken to the hospital where I could not fault the staff. My procedure went well and the level of aftercare was second to none. All my concerns were answered and I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering having a procedure done. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with Prague Beauty. From the very beginning to the very end, I was reassured and the level of professionalism was second to none.
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It is highly recommended to patients after bariatric surgery to arrange a blood test four times a year to early discover any vitamin deficiency.

Both groups, i.e. sleeve or bypass patients, please take particular attention to Thiamine (vitamin B1) as such deficiency could occur in up to 49% of patients as a result of bypass of the jejunum, where it is primarily absorbed, or in the presence of impaired nutritional intake from persistent, severe vomiting.

The early symptoms of Thiamine deficiency are nausea and constipation, but it could worsen up and lead to neurological and psychiatric complications known as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Proper supplementation is therefore essential to stay on the safe side.

Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome on Wikipedia

The New Centre of Excellence for Prague Beauty clients was opened

Plastic surgery abroad - we are pleased to announce that a new clinic for Prague Beauty clients was opened. This is the newest and most modern centre providing plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the Czech Republic. As one of the best equipped health centres in Central Europe, we provide up-to-date medical equipment, full post-op monitoring to all clients, intensive care unit back-up, and other specialist background incl. laboratories.

The Perfect Clinic is an architecturally sophisticated hospital with two operation theatres and comfortable air-conditioned en-suite one or double-bed rooms fulfilling all requirements for comfort, safety, and cleanness.

Our main surgeons, Dr Roman Kufa and Dr Zdenek Pros, are two of the most popular surgeons in this country. Both are fully qualified and highly experienced, working previously in the UK (Harley Medical Group), Switzerland, and Germany. Nursing staff are well trained, speak English and German, with registered Continuous Medical Education (CME) and regular Advanced Life Support (ALS) training. Anaesthetics team on site is passionate to make your whole experience pleasant and comfortable with using recent pain-relieve knowledge and technology.

We have always tried to do our best for you, our clients, and the new clinic is another step on this way in achieving this. We look forward to meeting you in Prague.

Rules of Safe Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Good surgeon

  • Must be registered in the professional body of his country (ie Society of plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery) and be able and willing to provide his specialist registration.
  • Must be able and willing to provide certificates of continuous medical education (CME), works not only in small private clinic but also in a teaching hospital to learn new methods.
  • Must be able and willing to provide references of previous clients.
  • Is usually not the cheapest one
  • His waiting list is usually longer than 4 weeks

Good clinic

  • Is usually NOT based on one surgeon and you should know your surgeon's name in advance
  • Clinic which is big enough to have medical background, ie comprise other specialties to be able to sort out less common complications.
  • Monitoring, monitoring, monitoring! Full vital functions monitoring must be provided not only during the operation but also afterwards since lethal complications are most often in the first 2 hrs after general anaesthetics! Ask what they monitor (ECG, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation are the must) and how long for!
  • Pays attention to possible critical situations. Do they have Recovery/High dependency/ or Intensive care beds and equipment? Do they do regular Basic/Advanced Life Support training?
  • Performs infection surveillance.
  • Are clean and spotless, having good references from previous clients.

Good company

  • Provides written contracts with the list of services included.
  • Gives a guarantee (6 months at least) and free aftercare.
  • Provides references of previous clients.
  • Has not only a phone number and email address but also mailing address!

What Prague Beauty offer you?

Excellent surgeons

  • All our surgeons are the top ones in the Czech Republic. They have full specialist's registration and long experience.
  • They work in teaching hospitals.
  • They have international experience and many foreign clients from all over the world.
  • Their waiting list is longer than 6 months, you can be only booked sooner via pre-booked places thanks to Prague Beauty.

Our clinic

  • Perfect Clinic is the most modern and the biggest plastic clinic in the Central Europe.
  • Full post-operative monitoring for several hours after the operation is the standard.
  • Recovery and intensive care beds are a part of the operating tract.
  • There are other departments like general surgery, internal, cardiology, biochemistry, etc.

Our company will provide you with:

  • References of our previous clients.
  • Written contract with named services.
  • One year guarantee of free after care all inclusive.
  • Discount on the next operation.
You are welcome to call us
8 am - 9 pm every day
on our London number

within the UK:
020 3598 2896
from abroad:
+44 20 3598 2896
  • Package prices are all inclusive!
    • return air tickets
    • specialized insurance
    • accommodation
    • transportation
Bariatric Surgery Basic Price Package Price
Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy £4,750 £4,950
Mini Gastric Bypass MGB £5,750 £5,950
Gastric Bypass RYGB £6,150 £6,350
Cosmetic Surgery Basic Price Package Price
Breast Augmentation £3,160 £4,060
Tummy Tuck £3,040 £3,940
Blepharoplasty, Upper £940 £1,640
Middle Liposuction £2,380 £3,280
Face Lift £3,290 £4,190
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The county hospital in Jablonec nad Nisou is a modern building, situated about 60 miles from Prague.

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As one of the best equipped health centres in Central Europe, we provide up-to-date medical equipment, full post-op monitoring to all clients, intensive care unit back-up, and other specialist background incl. laboratories.

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Patients for cosmetic procedures are after arrival accommodated in a luxurious 4-star apartment ...

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