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Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement, also known as a breast augmentation, is a very popular plastic surgery that enhances the shape and size of breasts and boosts your confidence. Breasts are often associated with femininity and smaller breasts can be frustrating to women of all ages. If you feel that larger breasts would give you that extra bit of confidence, this is the procedure for you.

Breast augmentation operation is one of the least risky ones and is suitable for nearly every woman. Breast augmentation makes your body shape more beautiful and leads to improvement of self-confidence. However, the operation should not be done before reaching the age of 18 due to the development of mammary gland. However, we can sometimes make exceptions if the surgeon determines that it is safe.

Important News

• With many years of experience, our surgeons are able to insert implants into breasts without leaving any visible scars! Silicone implants are put in through the nipples to hide incisions as much as possible. In other word, there is just a tiny line hidden in the nipple pigmentation. This makes it almost impossible to spot.

Breast Enlargement Surgery Helps To:

  • Increase the size of breasts usually by one or two sizes
  • Adjust and correct asymmetry of breasts; your breasts may vary in size or they might be shaped in a way you do not like
  • Correct the loss of skin when the mammary gland system is shedding

Breast Implants

At the moment, we use the most modern Mentor silicone implants (www.mentorcorp.com) and Natrelle implants (www.natrelle.com) that look completely natural and come with a lifetime warranty.

Silicone gel-filled breast implants have evolved as a result of research and development and innovations in technology. For example, the silicone gel-filled breast implants available to women today have a thicker and more durable outer covering (shell), and a more cohesive silicone gel filler than earlier implants. The cosehive gel means it possesses no danger of leaking anywhere in the body if the silicone is ruptured or damaged in any way. These innovations were designed to improve both the overall strength and durability of silicone gel-filled breast implants, as well as a woman's satisfaction with her breast shape and size over time.

Breast Augmentation Incision Types

Inframammary Incision

An incision is placed below the breast in the infra-mammary fold (IMF). This incision is the most common approach and affords maximum access for precise dissection and placement of an implant. It is often the preferred technique for silicone gel implants due to the longer incisions required. This method can leave slightly more visible scars in smaller breasts which don't drape over the IMF. In addition, the scar may heal thicker.

Periareolar Incision

An incision is placed along the areolar border. This incision provides an optimal approach when adjustments to the IMF position or mastopexy (breast lift) procedures are planned. The incision is generally placed around the inferior half, or the medial half of the areola's circumference. Silicone gel implants can be difficult to place via this incision due to the length of incision required (~ 5 cm) for access. As the scars from this method occur on the edge of the areola, they are often less visible than scars from inframammary incisions in women with lighter areolar pigment.

Our breast surgeons and specialists will explain each incision choice to you in greater detail and help you make a decision about which one is right for you.

Breast Implant Pocket Placement

Subglandular Placement

Breast implant is placed between the breast tissue and the pectoralis muscle. This position closely resembles the plane of normal breast tissue and is felt by many to achieve the most aesthetic results. The subglandular position in patients with thin soft-tissue coverage is more likely to show ripples or wrinkles of the underlying implant.

Subglandular placement can make breast augmentation surgery shorter and reduce recovery time. A possible disadvantage could be having breast implant edges more visibly noticeable under the skin. Imaging during a mammogram can also be more difficult when breast implants are placed by this method.

Submuscular Placement

The breast implant is placed below the pectoralis major muscle without release of the inferior origin of the muscle. Total muscular coverage may be achieved by releasing the lateral chest wall muscles (serratus and/or pectoralis minor) and sewn to the pectoralis major. This technique is most commonly used for maximal coverage of implants used in breast reconstruction.

Submuscular placement may reduce the chances of breast implants being felt through the skin, and it may help reduce the chance of scar tissue hardening around breast implants. It also will make it easier to image breast during a mammogram. Possible disadvantages of this placement choice could be a longer surgery and recovery period.

Our breast surgeons and specialists will explain each placement choice to you in greater detail and help you make a decision about which one is right for you.

What To Expect After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Normally, you will need to stay at the clinic for one night. Upon your discharge you will be recovering in the apartment for the next 5 nights before flying back.

Within this period you will be wearing an elastic bra which will be removed within a few days and replaced by a sport-type bra. You must avoid any demanding physical activity or picking up heavy objects.

If you need massaging of the breasts after the surgery, your surgeon will advise you to do so, but mostly prosthesis is placed behind the pictorial muscle which naturally massages the breast and minimizes capsules from forming.

You may return to work within 7 days after the breast augmentation surgery unless your job is physically demanding. In the latter case, consult with the surgeon. The swelling should be gone within 6 weeks and the final result will be evident. To maintain the effect of the surgery, we recommend exchanging the implants (for the same size or larger ones) every 10 years.

The Risks of Breast Augmentation

Nipple or breast sensation may change after the operation; however, this change lasts only for a short period of time. Only about 3% of our clients report this issue and none of them experienced it for longer than five days after the surgery.

The client might develop unsightly scars; however, this problem is mostly due to the client's fault by not taking the post-surgery care seriously and by ignoring the surgeon's instructions.

It is possible to have breast implants during or shortly after pregnancy, however, breast implants complicate breast-feeding due to insufficient lactation during the recovery time (2 or 3 months), so it is not recommended to go for the surgery during this time.

Breast Augmentation Summary

Breast Augmentation Summary
Anaesthesia General
Length of surgery 1.5 hour
Total length of stay 1 night at the clinic and 6 nights at the apartment
Discomfort Moderate. A number of massages needs to be done in order to prevent the implant from fibrous capsule formation
Bruising and swelling Two weeks (try to avoid physically demanding activity). Swelling disappers between 2-6 weeks
Stitches Dissolvable
Back to work A week after the surgery
Driving No restrictions
Exercise 1 month
Final result Once the area heals, between 2-6 months

Medical Travel Shield Insurance Included in the Package Price


Standard trip or travel medical insurance policies DO NOT provide coverage if you are traveling for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. These types of insurances will be of no help if a medical complication arises and would cancel any travel medical insurance policy.

Therefore our package prices include the Medical Travel Shield - the insurance which includes excellent travel insurance benefits plus a number of tailored benefits for patients travelling abroad to obtain medical treatment.

Before travel

The policy covers non-refundable treatment deposits, if a patient has to cancel or delay their trip

Up to £5,000 per insured person for irrecoverable payments for travel, accommodation and non-refundable deposits for cancellation of treatment for reasons specified in the Certificate of Insurance, including death, illness, jury service and major damage to the home.

During travel

If the patient's recovery period is longer than expected, the policy covers contributions towards accommodation and flights, plus a daily allowance.

Up to £1,500 per insured person towards accommodation costs, daily allowance and return flight home, if a patient has to stay at their destination for a longer time than the normal recovery period.

If the patient needs treatment for post-operative complications between discharge and return home, the policy covers contributions towards the cost of consultation fees and medication.

Up to £500 for additional medical expenses after discharge from hospital.

After travel

If the patient needs to return within 12 months to correct unsuccessful surgery, the policy covers contributions towards the return trip.

Offers the benefit of cover up to £2,000 if within 12 months of the original treatment, it is medically necessary for the patient to have a corrective procedure. The insurance will cover for return flights for the patient and a companion and a daily allowance.

Patient and Companion benefits

Benefits and ServicesSum insured
per person
5.1 Medical and Additional Expenses£2,000,000£100
5.2 Cancellation and Curtailment£5,000£100
5.3 Journey Continuation£250£100
5.4 Travel Delay
per 12 hours up to 48 hours
5.5 Personal Liability£1,000,000£250
5.6 Personal Accident£20,000Nil
5.7 Hospital Benefit
per 24 hours to max £1,500
5.8 Accompanied Personal Baggage, clothing or effects and Money
limited to £250 for Money,
£300 for any one article or
pair or set of articles
5.9 Loss of Passport£250£100
5.10 Travel and accommodation expenses over and above the Normal Recovery Period
75% of accommodation expenses
75% of 1x economy single fare
Overall maximum of £1,500
allowance per day
5.11 Additional Return Trip within 12 months of the original Treatment
1x economy return air fare
Overall maximum of £2,000
allowance per day

Patient only benefits

Benefits and ServicesSum insured
per person
5.12 Medical expenses for further medical consultation after discharge from the hospital
(but prior to return to the UK)

Why go for Breast Augmentation Abroad with Prague Beauty?

With Breast Augmentation abroad you will save up to 50% of UK prices, and the quality of the procedure will be the same or even higher.

Our cosmetic and bariatric surgeons are senior consultants - they are fully accredited in plastic/general surgery, and are on the specialist register of surgeons. They use the latest techniques. Our aim is your comfort - no pain, no sickness. You stay few nights after the surgery at the clinic with full medical care (in many clinics you usually have to leave the hospital very early, even with drains etc.) and full board.

Personalised care. Our care is tailored according to your needs.

You can also take your partner / friend with you.

We will arrange everything for you so that you do not have to worry about anything. All is included in the price: return air tickets, from any European airport with direct flights to Prague, Medical Travel Shield Insurance, with the cover of corrective return trip, accommodation in a luxurious 4-star apartment (with kitchenette, TV and free Wi-Fi), all necessary transportation among airport - clinic - apartment, representative waiting for you at the airport and take care of you completely during your stay.

The number of happy clients is virtually 100%, and rate of all complications is 0.3% i.e. extremely low.

•  Breast Augmentation PRICES
Breast Augmentation (Mentor round implants)

just for the procedure

+ flights
+ insurance
+ accommodation
+ transportation
£3,250 £4,150
+ with 1 companion:
+ £550
Final prices, there are no hidden extras!

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