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Face Lift

The face lift, also known as Rhytidectomy, solves the problems related to the ageing symptoms. If it is necessary to perform also operation of eye lids, we recommend it to be made only after the face lift. A maximum effect can be achieved if an operation is made in an optimum age range with respect to the type of face, skin quality and elasticity.

A good precondition for successful operation performance is a good health condition determining the upper age limit for that operation. The operation removes excess skin on the neck and face and partial smoothing of some wrinkles. However, it should be noticed the wrinkles are caused by mimic muscles at every person individually, and therefore it is not possible to remove by operation permanently soft perpendicular wrinkles on upper and lower lips, and as for forehead wrinkles, they cannot be influenced by such operation at all.

Face lift operation cannot stop the ageing process, however, it can postpone its symptoms by several years, after which such operation can be repeated.

There is no ideal age for undergoing this surgery, however, middle aged people who do not smoke, have a healthy life and care about their skin have the best results.

The amount of slack skin on face and neck is rather individual as well as the amount of wrinkles. Therefore the surgery concentrates on particular areas on individual basis. Sometimes it is necessary to focus more on the neck area and the lower jaw angle, sometimes more attention is paid to cheeks and temples etc.

The amount and depth of wrinkles are also rather different. It is necessary to realize that wrinkles only reflect our usual mimics and the ability of skin to balance the tension of mimic muscles more or less. When skin is treated by facelift, it is stretched out and mimic wrinkles are smoothed and reduced. The surgery does not interfere with the mimics of facial muscles and therefore it is necessary to expect that the wrinkles will subsequently re-appear or grow deeper.

Nasolabial folds running from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth, creating a natural border between the group of facial muscles and the muscle around the mouth, are always present at a face. The surgery can soften and smooth the folds but never remove. Also the fine vertical wrinkles on the upper and lower lip are not affected or removed by the surgery.

Generally, the effect is always better and longer-lasting in a face which is slimmer, with fine skin. In the round face type with thicker layer of subcutaneous fat the skin cannot be so well stretched; however there is the advantage that there are not usually fine mimic wrinkles in this face.

If there is a thicker layer of subcutaneous fat in the neck, especially in the area of double chin, the liposuction of double chin can be added to the face and neck lift resulting in a better effect.


SMAS is an abbreviation for the Submuscular Aponeurotic System. The SMAS is a layer of tissue which covers the deeper structures of the cheek area and is linked to the superficial muscle covering the lower face and neck, called the platysma It is the technique for face lift surgery lift and reposition the SMASS along with the skin. In doing so, the jowls are lifted, the neck is tightened and the cheeks are elevated.

Tissue Glue Artiss Frozen

Tissue glue helps the skin flap adhere to the underlying tissues and optimizes lifting results. It also helps the surgeon achieve a more defined result, especially in the region of the mandibular angle, where fluids will typically collect after the surgery. glue can help avoid the formation of pockets within the tissue and avert seroma formation. Moreover, aside from negating the necessity of drains (which is much more comfortable for the patient in the post-operative period), there is also less dermal discoloration after the procedure, particularly in the postauricular region, as well as somewhat less localized edema after the surgery.

Face Lift is performed in analgosedation

Face Lift is performed in analgosedation. The reason is that a surgeon needs some kind of cooperation with you. You don't have to be worried, you will not feel anything. Analgosedation is induced by an anaesthetist using intravenously administered medication. A patient cooperates with a surgeon during a procedure and after waking up, a patient hardly remembers an unpleasant procedure. The method is absolutely safe. It is much more comfortable than local anaesthesia.

Face Lift surgery helps to:

  • Restore fallen or displaced fat
  • Remove deep creases on the face especially below the nose or below lower eyelids
  • Remove excess skin (to prevent the skin from looking old)

The Operation and Post-operation Term

The operation is made under a combination of local and general anaesthesia. An operation cut is made from the hairy part of the temporal region in the downward direction before the auricle and along the auricle of ear to the fissure behind the auricle and in a back direction to the hair. The skin is released in an indicated extent from the base, whose excess is removed, and structures laid in the subcutis are tensioned.

The first bandage replacement is made on the next morning following an operation before releasing the patient to home treatment. Until the bandage removal (the 4th or 5th day after the operation), a rest regime is required in order to reduce the risk of post-operation bleeding and face swelling. A face or eye lid swelling is best seen only on the third or fourth day after operation and it is a normal post-operation symptom as well as blood suffusions on neck or lower eye lids. After the bandage removal, hair should be washed, and then the healing continues without bandage, with regular fair showering once a day. We recommend the face to be protected by a scarf at night.

What To Expect After Face Lift Surgery

The stay at clinic is typically for two days. Then the client rests at the private apartment for the next four days before flying back. During the stay at the clinic, our nurses replace the bandages and then the bandage is kept for another three days. The client is required to relax as much as possible as unnecessary movement may impair the essential process of healing and may increase bleeding and swelling. It is also recommended to wear a scarf over the face when returning back home. The final results could be seen after four months and it usually lasts for about seven years. Any demanding physical activity should be avoided for at least four weeks after the surgery.

The Risks of Face Lift

Permanent smokers who continue smoking before and after the surgery can experience loss of stretched skin which might be very difficult to cure.

It is important to adhere to the instructions given by the surgeon after the surgery is done. Poorly maintained skin can have visible scars or can continue bleeding for several weeks which increases the chance of catching an infection.

Face Lift Summary

Face Lift Summary
Anaesthesia Analgosedation
Length of surgery 2-4 hours
Total length of stay 2 nights at the clinic, 5 nights in the apartment
Discomfort Mild. Anticipate 3 days of pain medication. A change of sensitivity on face and ears can happen but will return within a few weeks. Clients are required to sleep on their back for a few nights to avoid complications. Use of pain killers after the surgery helps significantly.
Swelling & Bruising Will dissapear within two weeks
Numbness Cheek numbness is expected and lasts several weeks or months.
Bandages Changed in 1-2 days for 1-2 weeks.
Make-up May be worn in 1-2 weeks.
Stitches Most dissolvable, the non-dissolvable ones are removed before you flight home
Drains May be applied if necessary
Back to work You may feel capable of returning within 5 days, but your appearance will be the limiting factor. Realistic expectation is 2 weeks after surgery. (physically demanding work needs 3-4 weeks)
Driving No restrictions about driving
Exercise May be resumed in 2-3 weeks
Sun protection Six months with SPF 15 or higher.
Final result Seen 1-4 months following most face lifts.

Tips and Traps of Face Lift

  • Mini facelifts have been touted all over the internet. Do not be deceived. Those who perform them likely do so because they do not know how to perform real face lift. They claim that mini facelifts provide excellent results with only a few days of recovery. This is simply not true. Mini facelifts involve removing a minimal amount of excess skin near the ear, but have no effect on the skin near the cheeks, jowls, or neck. As stated by Dr. Lawrence Robbins, former president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, "The only thing a mini facelift lifts is the patient's wallet.". Realize that if mini facelifts were effective, then all plastic surgeons would be performing them. Also, be suspicious when viewing "impressive" results of a mini facelift on the web. The actual results are not that impressive.
  • Beware plastic surgeons whose face lift cause their patients to look like someone else. You want to look like a younger version of yourself, not like a different person.
  • Because a face lift will only rejuvenate the lower two-thirds of your face, consider eyelid surgery and forehead lift at the same time to restore youth and maintain harmony.
  • It is strongly recommended to stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery. Smoking could worsen the healing process after the surgery is done because it reduces the amount of blood flown into the damaged areas and reduces the quality and elasticity of skin.
  • Quit taking aspirin and aspirin products at least two weeks before surgery.
  • If you recently had a chemical peel or laser resurfacing it is recommended to have a facelift surgery three months after this intervention (the healing abilities could be impaired).
  • Sleep in a recliner or with your head elevated on pillows for the first several days to minimize swelling. Frequent application of ice is also important.
  • Expect that your facelift will turn back the clock by an average of seven to ten years. You will continue to age on your new face, and you may be ready for another lift within a decade.

Medical Travel Shield Insurance Included in the Package Price


Standard trip or travel medical insurance policies DO NOT provide coverage if you are traveling for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. These types of insurances will be of no help if a medical complication arises and would cancel any travel medical insurance policy.

Therefore our package prices include the Medical Travel Shield - the insurance which includes excellent travel insurance benefits plus a number of tailored benefits for patients travelling abroad to obtain medical treatment.

Before travel

The policy covers non-refundable treatment deposits, if a patient has to cancel or delay their trip

Up to £5,000 per insured person for irrecoverable payments for travel, accommodation and non-refundable deposits for cancellation of treatment for reasons specified in the Certificate of Insurance, including death, illness, jury service and major damage to the home.

During travel

If the patient's recovery period is longer than expected, the policy covers contributions towards accommodation and flights, plus a daily allowance.

Up to £1,500 per insured person towards accommodation costs, daily allowance and return flight home, if a patient has to stay at their destination for a longer time than the normal recovery period.

If the patient needs treatment for post-operative complications between discharge and return home, the policy covers contributions towards the cost of consultation fees and medication.

Up to £500 for additional medical expenses after discharge from hospital.

After travel

If the patient needs to return within 12 months to correct unsuccessful surgery, the policy covers contributions towards the return trip.

Offers the benefit of cover up to £2,000 if within 12 months of the original treatment, it is medically necessary for the patient to have a corrective procedure. The insurance will cover for return flights for the patient and a companion and a daily allowance.

Patient and Companion benefits

Benefits and ServicesSum insured
per person
5.1 Medical and Additional Expenses£2,000,000£100
5.2 Cancellation and Curtailment£5,000£100
5.3 Journey Continuation£250£100
5.4 Travel Delay
per 12 hours up to 48 hours
5.5 Personal Liability£1,000,000£250
5.6 Personal Accident£20,000Nil
5.7 Hospital Benefit
per 24 hours to max £1,500
5.8 Accompanied Personal Baggage, clothing or effects and Money
limited to £250 for Money,
£300 for any one article or
pair or set of articles
5.9 Loss of Passport£250£100
5.10 Travel and accommodation expenses over and above the Normal Recovery Period
75% of accommodation expenses
75% of 1x economy single fare
Overall maximum of £1,500
allowance per day
5.11 Additional Return Trip within 12 months of the original Treatment
1x economy return air fare
Overall maximum of £2,000
allowance per day

Patient only benefits

Benefits and ServicesSum insured
per person
5.12 Medical expenses for further medical consultation after discharge from the hospital
(but prior to return to the UK)

Why go for Face Lift Abroad with Prague Beauty?

With Face Lift abroad you will save up to 50% of UK prices, and the quality of the procedure will be the same or even higher.

Our cosmetic and bariatric surgeons are senior consultants - they are fully accredited in plastic/general surgery, and are on the specialist register of surgeons. They use the latest techniques. Our aim is your comfort - no pain, no sickness. You stay few nights after the surgery at the clinic with full medical care (in many clinics you usually have to leave the hospital very early, even with drains etc.) and full board.

Personalised care. Our care is tailored according to your needs.

You can also take your partner / friend with you.

We will arrange everything for you so that you do not have to worry about anything. All is included in the price: return air tickets, from any European airport with direct flights to Prague, Medical Travel Shield Insurance, with the cover of corrective return trip, accommodation in a luxurious 4-star apartment (with kitchenette, TV and free Wi-Fi), all necessary transportation among airport - clinic - apartment, representative waiting for you at the airport and take care of you completely during your stay.

The number of happy clients is virtually 100%, and rate of all complications is 0.3% i.e. extremely low.

•  Face Lift PRICES
Face Lift 1 + SMAS + Tissue Glue

just for the procedure

+ flights
+ insurance
+ accommodation
+ transportation
£3,410 £4,310
+ with 1 companion:
+ £550
Final prices, there are no hidden extras!

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