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Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon (BIB) involves placing a deflated small balloon into the stomach, and then filling it to decrease the amount of gastric space. It gives you a "full" feeling, which naturally makes you eat less and lose weight. The balloon can be left in the stomach for a maximum of 6 months and results in an average weight loss of 5-9 BMI (15 – 20 kg, 2.5 – 3 stone) over half a year. The gastric balloon may be used prior to another bariatric surgery in order to assist the patient to reach a weight which is suitable for surgery, further it can also be used on several occasions if necessary.

The object of the exercise is to train your stomach to expect less food and therefore to "shrink". When the BIB is removed after six months, you should have adjusted your eating habits sufficiently to maintain your current volume of food intake to maintain your weight. Coupled with a fitness regime, impressive results are possible although you will lose weight even without an intense physical program.

The balloon is made of non-toxic components and therefore possesses no danger to your body or health should it get damaged.

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From the overweight to heavy obese, ie with BMI from 27 to over 60. Age between 18 and 65 years.


Gastric Balloon

The balloon is made of a soft and pliable silicone elastomer material and is inserted while in its smallest, deflated form. The physician conducts an initial examination of the stomach using an endoscopic camera. If no abnormalities are observed, the physician proceeds with placement of the balloon.

The balloon is introduced into the stomach through the mouth or nose without the need for surgery. The swallowing process is made easier with the help of anaesthetics applied topically to numb the throat area. Once the balloon is inside the stomach, it is immediately filled with sterile saline through a small catheter attached to the balloon. Once filled, the doctor removes the catheter by gently pulling on the external end. The balloon has a self-sealing valve, and at this point the balloon is floating freely in the stomach.

Placement times vary but it will usually take 20-30 minutes.

The balloon is removed after 6 months. It is done in the same way it was placed, via the oesophagus and mouth. Using an endoscopic camera, the physician will introduce a catheter through the mouth or nose and into the stomach. The balloon will then be punctured and deflated. Once the balloon is deflated it can be grasped and removed.


Gastric balloon is usually not recommended for people with any of the following:

  • Hiatus hernia
  • Inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract such as ulcers, oesophagitis or Crohn’s disease
  • Dependency on alcohol or drugs
  • People with severe learning or cognitive disabilities or emotionally unstable people


  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Pain
  • Gurgling
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation


As with all medical procedures, there is a risk of unforeseen, unknown or adverse reactions to anaesthesia, the medications used and type of procedure involved.

As with other gastric procedures, there is the risk of injury to the lining of the digestive tract, either by direct contact with the instruments used to place the balloon, by the balloon itself, or as a result of increased acid production by the stomach. Possible results are ulcer formation, pain, bleeding, and perforation. These complications could necessitate medical or surgical correction.

Severe vomiting can cause dehydration with the need of intravenous infusions and re-hydration.

Spontaneous deflation of the balloon is a very rare complication. In this case it usually passes through the bowel and out of the body. However, it is possible for a deflated balloon to become lodged in the bowel and cause an obstruction. This is a serious complication, possibly requiring surgical removal of the balloon.

Please contact your physician or our Hot Line immediately if you have any concern regarding possible complications.

Medical Travel Shield Insurance Included in the Package Price


Standard trip or travel medical insurance policies DO NOT provide coverage if you are traveling for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. These types of insurances will be of no help if a medical complication arises and would cancel any travel medical insurance policy.

Therefore our package prices include the Medical Travel Shield - the insurance which includes excellent travel insurance benefits plus a number of tailored benefits for patients travelling abroad to obtain medical treatment.

Before travel

The policy covers non-refundable treatment deposits, if a patient has to cancel or delay their trip

Up to £5,000 per insured person for irrecoverable payments for travel, accommodation and non-refundable deposits for cancellation of treatment for reasons specified in the Certificate of Insurance, including death, illness, jury service and major damage to the home.

During travel

If the patient's recovery period is longer than expected, the policy covers contributions towards accommodation and flights, plus a daily allowance.

Up to £1,500 per insured person towards accommodation costs, daily allowance and return flight home, if a patient has to stay at their destination for a longer time than the normal recovery period.

If the patient needs treatment for post-operative complications between discharge and return home, the policy covers contributions towards the cost of consultation fees and medication.

Up to £500 for additional medical expenses after discharge from hospital.

After travel

If the patient needs to return within 12 months to correct unsuccessful surgery, the policy covers contributions towards the return trip.

Offers the benefit of cover up to £2,000 if within 12 months of the original treatment, it is medically necessary for the patient to have a corrective procedure. The insurance will cover for return flights for the patient and a companion and a daily allowance.

Patient and Companion benefits

Benefits and ServicesSum insured
per person
5.1 Medical and Additional Expenses£2,000,000£100
5.2 Cancellation and Curtailment£5,000£100
5.3 Journey Continuation£250£100
5.4 Travel Delay
per 12 hours up to 48 hours
5.5 Personal Liability£1,000,000£250
5.6 Personal Accident£20,000Nil
5.7 Hospital Benefit
per 24 hours to max £1,500
5.8 Accompanied Personal Baggage, clothing or effects and Money
limited to £250 for Money,
£300 for any one article or
pair or set of articles
5.9 Loss of Passport£250£100
5.10 Travel and accommodation expenses over and above the Normal Recovery Period
75% of accommodation expenses
75% of 1x economy single fare
Overall maximum of £1,500
allowance per day
5.11 Additional Return Trip within 12 months of the original Treatment
1x economy return air fare
Overall maximum of £2,000
allowance per day

Patient only benefits

Benefits and ServicesSum insured
per person
5.12 Medical expenses for further medical consultation after discharge from the hospital
(but prior to return to the UK)

Why go for Gastric Balloon Abroad with Prague Beauty?

With Gastric Balloon abroad you will save up to 50% of UK prices, and the quality of the procedure will be the same or even higher.

Our cosmetic and bariatric surgeons are senior consultants - they are fully accredited in plastic/general surgery, and are on the specialist register of surgeons. They use the latest techniques. Our aim is your comfort - no pain, no sickness. You stay few nights after the surgery at the clinic with full medical care (in many clinics you usually have to leave the hospital very early, even with drains etc.) and full board.

Personalised care. Our care is tailored according to your needs.

You can also take your partner / friend with you.

We will arrange everything for you so that you do not have to worry about anything. All is included in the price: return air tickets, from any European airport with direct flights to Prague, Medical Travel Shield Insurance, with the cover of corrective return trip, accommodation in a luxurious 4-star apartment (with kitchenette, TV and free Wi-Fi), all necessary transportation among airport - clinic - apartment, representative waiting for you at the airport and take care of you completely during your stay.

The number of happy clients is virtually 100%, and rate of all complications is 0.3% i.e. extremely low.

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