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Dr Zdenek Pros Profile

Dr Zdenek Pros

Dr Zdenek Pros graduated from the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. He holds a certificate in the surgery and plastic surgery.

He works for Harley Medical Group in the UK (London, Nottingham, Northampton) but also holds some operations for Prague Beauty Ltd, too.

Previously, he had worked at the Clinic of Plastic Surgery of Charles University in Prague for more than 8 years. As a member of microsurgery team he completed dozens of reattachments of limbs or their parts, as well as reconstruction procedures. He was the first surgeon in the Czech Republic to successfully reattach a scalp lost after car injury.

He devotes his time to aesthetic plastic surgery and teaching junior doctors. He has played a significant part in introducing ultrasound liposuction into practice. Because of his achievements he is among the most popular plastic surgeons sought after by Czech and foreign patients.

Experience and licence

  • First Degree Certificate in General Surgery
  • Certificate in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
  • License from the Czech Medical Chamber for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Training and study stays abroad

  • Author and co-author of more than 30 international publications and lectures
  • Training in the USA, Australia, Germany and Austria

Membership in professional associations

  • British General Medical Council
  • The Czech Medical Chamber
  • The Czech Hand Surgery Society
  • The Czech Society of Plastic surgery - JEP
  • The Society for Using Lasers in Medicine

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